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Islands to Deathmatch Author: killerrk2
Islands to Deathmatch screen shot Transforms the C&C Islands map in to a deathmatch game using one of the single player levels. Weapons are spawned.
Hourglass Mod 212 Author: Iron Man
Hourglass Mod 212 screen shot Has 2 oblisks, Has 2 AGT's, Has repair zone near rocks at enterance of base(s). Aircraft disabled - working on ramps & terrain access to upper "pan" - yea, I know you can fly off the map. Haven't gotten to that yet.
Tiberian Evolution X9 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X9 screen shot New in this version:
-added HEMP tank
-added FlakTank
-new heavy tank model
-fixed various balance issues
-fixed commanche bug
-added team death match map
-temporarily removed trenches and desert storm
-gave the elite rocket soldier a flak cannon
-commanod now has 3 timed c4 and no remote c4
-added visceroid bots in tiberium swamp
-GDI has an airstrike beacon
-gizmo repair gun now has a red dismantle beam as the secondary fire

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