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Mutant Frenzy Beta 1.0a Author: Tempest_of_Flame
Mutant Frenzy Beta 1.0a screen shot
This mod adds two new characters to GDI: A Juggernaut with a handheld artilery cannon and a Scout with a light tiberium based weapon. The scout and juggernaut are alternatives to the minigun officer and rocket officer. This mod was made to balance the gameplay because lets be honest, NOD is too powerful with thier flame tanks.
C&C River Canyon Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C River Canyon screen shot Description: Aircraftkiller - "I've been working on this for about a month... Remembered the Canyon Chase video from Tiberian Dawn, so I recreated it in Renegade with a theme inspired by Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere".
Carnage Club Xtreme Author: Skint
Carnage Club Xtreme screen shot Map features: Lots of Glass to break Re-creation of an Actual Night Club in South Florida. Infantry Only, Carnage rules in effect. Use the Vending Machines for purchase terminals, kills equals Cash, there's no refinery Character prices drastically reduced. Lots of shadowy corners to creep around in. Tons of powerups.

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