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SUSR All weapons in single player Author: Stackout
SUSR All weapons in single player screen shot Description:
On the 1st mission there is a stealth tank dropped off and it will start shooting its own People hurry up and get in the tank you will only grab a few of the weapons in the tank you need to get out and grab the rest of them.
C&C Omaha Author: bisen11
C&C Omaha screen shot Description by Bisen - This is a map with almost the same terrain as the Omaha Beach in MOH. Bots (excluding para beacons) = 15 lives. Gun Emplacements = 6 lives. Ceiling guns = 8 lives.
Killerrk2's Recon Bike Mod Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's Recon Bike Mod screen shot Nod Airstrip Drop: This mod drops 5 recon bikes that will drive arround you so you can use them when you vehicle gets destroyed in battle.

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