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C&C Siege Author: pinkbunny
C&C Siege screen shot This is a nice big map set in the mountains with many tunnels.
Sure Shot Author: Skint
Sure Shot screen shot Features: "Super Soldier" Snipers, this is what you spawn as. They can jump higher, levitate briefly, breathe underwater and take no damage when falling from great heights. Purchase terminals will only allow for refill of the sniper character. With weapon spawns off, it's sniper rifles only. Leave 'em on for a MAD team deathmatch. Three maps included, rounds 2&3 have sniper sedan spawns near the starting positions. Author: CRaZy_iKe screen shot Fixes&Improvements: New units (mostly in the extras menu), air roof fixed, new defensive arrangements =], crates that cycle through both $$ and weapons, ceiling guns in structures to prevent cheap rushes, added C&CUnder, Walls, and City (w/out new defense & ceiling guns), pathfinds are almost flawless, sniper towers added, and more.

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