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C&C Caves V2.2 Author: YSLmuffins
C&C Caves V2.2 screen shot A relatively large map with two distinct areas - an infantry only cave and a large, open Tiberium field for tank battles. This map allows the creation of flying vehicles. Bases are enclosed in giant caves with tunnels that lead to the infantry cave and a mouth that leads to the tank areas. Also note that somewhere on the map there is a secret cache of weaponry. This area was previously dominated by Nod forces but GDI has recently establisted a base in the area. You must find the security cards to access the weapons cache.
C&C Medical Level Author: Aircraftkiller
C&C Medical Level screen shot Description: This map is based upon the first 3D FPS ever made, and the first FPS I played, called System Shock. It was from 1994. I redesigned the map to fit with Renegade and have tried to keep it as true to the original as possible. The map is based on the first level of Citadel Station, the Medical Level. Look for more System Shock > Renegade maps soon!
GDI Transport Author: Dark_Force9999
GDI Transport screen shot Nod airstrip drop off - Transport plane drops off a lot of GDI soldiers

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