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[TSB] Instagib 1.0b Author: (not specified)
[TSB] Instagib 1.0b screen shot everybody spawns with a railgun with unlimited ammo - 1 hit is a kill
Zero sp Author: (not specified)
Zero sp screen shot This Mod lets u play as Major Colonel, of the US Marines, and the first created SPARTAN Elite. To play as either of them, raise 1500 Credits. Once achieved, get into the Character Selection screen and look down at Havoc/Sakura. Press the arrow once and u should see a new Purchase Terminal Screen of one of
the new units. The only maps u can play on right now are Under, City_Flying, Hourglass, and Field.
SUSR Sniper Pack Author: Zer0_k3lw
SUSR Sniper Pack screen shot SUSR sniper skin

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