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C&C Mountain Author: Magius del Cotto
C&C Mountain  screen shot Welcome to what is likely one of the most sniper friendly maps out to date. With just the standard infantry unit, you have access to a plethora of sniping spots, some that even allow you to snipe the entire enemy base, and when you purchase a
helicoptor, you can reach places that you may not have even dreamed of.
C&C Siege Author: pinkbunny
C&C Siege screen shot This is a nice big map set in the mountains with many tunnels.
C&C Port Rev Author: Garth8422
C&C Port Rev screen shot Its a Renegade MP map with standard AGT/OB bases buildings with ramps. Non flying. Takes place at a seaport with player accessible container cranes container ship, RTG transtainer cranes, warehouse,HLM bldg and sweet container yard. Some weapon spawners.

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