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Bisen11's Mod Package Number One Author: bisen11
Bisen11's Mod Package Number One screen shot This is just a big collection of mods. To make them work copy and paste them in your renegade data and rename them cnc_c130drop.txt. If you destroy the nod ref they will only come when you order a vehicle.
C&C Caves V2.2 Author: YSLmuffins
C&C Caves V2.2 screen shot A relatively large map with two distinct areas - an infantry only cave and a large, open Tiberium field for tank battles. This map allows the creation of flying vehicles. Bases are enclosed in giant caves with tunnels that lead to the infantry cave and a mouth that leads to the tank areas. Also note that somewhere on the map there is a secret cache of weaponry. This area was previously dominated by Nod forces but GDI has recently establisted a base in the area. You must find the security cards to access the weapons cache. Author: CRaZy_iKe screen shot Fixes&Improvements: New units (mostly in the extras menu), air roof fixed, new defensive arrangements =], crates that cycle through both $$ and weapons, ceiling guns in structures to prevent cheap rushes, added C&CUnder, Walls, and City (w/out new defense & ceiling guns), pathfinds are almost flawless, sniper towers added, and more.

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