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Featured Renegade Mods

Frag Arena Author: lcfcfan
Frag Arena screen shot
Nod Expressions Author: Renegadezone
Nod Expressions screen shot Light hearted skins for NOD vehicles. Facial expressions for the Buggy, APC, Artillery, Flame Tank, Light Tank, Harvester and Transport Helicopter.
Carbons V3 Mod Author: Carbon-Kid
Carbons V3 Mod screen shot This is the latest mod which is Version 3 of the previous stealth tanks and gun emplacement mod. But this mod is nothing like the last one. This one features all available vehicles from the renegade game its self including hidden ones. New Features include new modified vehicles such as the killer cameleon, drivable turret,flying flamer, fast mammoth tank, transport hovercraft, Flying sam site, drivable harvester, fly the C130 plane, Bots and much more which are listed in the read me. NOTE: Only the host of a server needs this mod anyone else can play its all script based so they dont need the mod to play on your server.

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