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Featured Renegade Mods

Formula Evolution V0.03 Author: Rolly|NOVA|
Formula Evolution V0.03 screen shot Racing game: There are two pit lanes one for GDI and one for NOD, each team can select cars from a choice of 3 and personnel of a driver, pit miner, pit crew or pit guard. The cars can reach a high speed and the mod has a feel of Formula 1. Well worth a try.
Omaha Final Author: (not specified)
Omaha Final screen shot If you are GDI you start on the beach and try to take over the NOD base (no buildings). If you are NOD then you are defending the base. Weapons are spawned and you have bots to help you. Its worth taking a look.
Eastbeach Bots Author: Eastbeach
Eastbeach Bots screen shot Authors description: - This mod will drop a couple of bots now there the kind that shoot move and there not gdi there nod good good bots Weapons they have: Laser chaingun, Voltautorifle, Chaingun, Ramjet rifle and more. Dont build to many vehicles or it`ll lag with all the bots.

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