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Vehicle Change Author: bisen11
Vehicle Change screen shot This mod switches the nod and gdi vehicles with each other. So Gdi can buy nod vehicles and nod can buy gdi vehicles. The air and extra vehicles are still the same though. And be careful because of when the vehicles come out of the wf/strip they can run you over.
Cops & Robbers V1.0 Author: sgtnikki
Cops & Robbers V1.0 screen shot gdi characters: gdi military police and 3 other prisoners, LOCKE.

nod characters: nod kane, nod black hand sniper, rocket soldier officer.

nod tanks: ssm launcher, recon bike.

gdi tanks: sedan, recon bike.
Tiberian Evolution X6 Author: CRaZy_iKe
Tiberian Evolution X6 screen shot You can access the extras menu by pressing ~ and typing extras fnkqrrm and to get the new names for the units u must make sure strings.tdb is in your renegade/data dir.
Fixes&Improvements: added heavy tank and tesla tank, added new maps(imbusa isles, cover of night, and desert storm), removed nod jet but improved commanche, and more...

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