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C&C Storage Author: o0Commander0o
C&C Storage screen shot Located in caverns in a secrect mountain....NOD has stored recon bikes to survey the deep tiberium pit that was formed 1000's of years ago...
GDI has been sent in to wipe out the NOD units defending the area, to regain control of the tiberium pit. NOD and GDI didn't have a time to set up a full scale base, but the barracks and hand of NOD have been supplied, so once will have to rely on the gun you hold...
Patched, Closer Buggy Author: darkskul0
Patched, Closer Buggy screen shot Skin for Nod Buggy
Mutant Frenzy Beta 1.0a Author: Tempest_of_Flame
Mutant Frenzy Beta 1.0a screen shot
This mod adds two new characters to GDI: A Juggernaut with a handheld artilery cannon and a Scout with a light tiberium based weapon. The scout and juggernaut are alternatives to the minigun officer and rocket officer. This mod was made to balance the gameplay because lets be honest, NOD is too powerful with thier flame tanks.

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