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Featured Renegade Mods

Killerrk2's Random Drop Mod Author: killerrk2
Killerrk2's Random Drop Mod screen shot Every once in a while you will get another tank or soldier dropped on to the nod airstrip. Check the readme file for a detailed list.
Cops & Robbers V1.0 Author: sgtnikki
Cops & Robbers V1.0 screen shot gdi characters: gdi military police and 3 other prisoners, LOCKE.

nod characters: nod kane, nod black hand sniper, rocket soldier officer.

nod tanks: ssm launcher, recon bike.

gdi tanks: sedan, recon bike.
C&C SunFusion V1.1 Author: Rundll_XP
C&C SunFusion V1.1  screen shot New Renegade Map with repair bays, celling guns, Base defences, 1 back entrance, 2 vehicle tunnels into the bases, many tactical points (for example sniper cabins, many weapon spawners.

V1.1: fixed some bugs

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