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New Vehicles v01 Author: (not specified)
New Vehicles v01 screen shot Normal maps with extra vehicles. GDI - Repair Tank and Mobile Ion Beacon. NOD - Recon Bike and Demolition Truck
Elite Objects V2 Author: sgtnikki
Elite Objects V2 screen shot UPDATED VERSION: This mod contains new characters to buy new tanks,and new purchase spots for mod "gdi wepons factory" such as ssm,recon,nod truck,nun,priest,lab tech and much more
C&C Kanes Castle Author: Titan1X77
C&C Kanes Castle screen shot Setting: Kanes Estate
Description: Infantry Only map,in Kanes Estates..GDI has set up in the greenhouse behind the mansion...they must invade Kanes control room and shut down the HON MCT...Nod can also shut take out GDI by shutting down the barracks MCT set up in the greenhouse.Plenty of spawns,keycards,and powerups through out the entire map.

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