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Snipekirbs Skinpack Author: Snipekirb
Snipekirbs Skinpack screen shot Skinpack includes nod sniper thats blue and neon, nuke thats multi colored and sakura with shades.

TS Sound Conversion Author: Pendullum
TS Sound Conversion screen shot Description by Pendullum: Thinking of new ways to convert renegade into Tiberian Sun, I decided to further than my previous soundpacks and decided convert single player music as well as tank sounds, weapon sounds and EVA announcements. Also converted are some of the screams that the bots shout when they are hit, and many other smaller things like this.
Cover of Night v1.2 Author: Skint
Cover of Night v1.2 screen shot Working Obelisk and AGT
Several nice sniping positions
Small alternate entrances to both bases
No Crazy Mods

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