C&C Sniping V1.3 - (PKG File)

cncsniping1.3.zip screen shot
UPDATED VERSION: This mod basicly disables OBELISK, AGT, some unnecessary characters, beacons, and vehicles. However, this mod now includes 5 different levels of sniping characters, plus your standard sniper which costs nothing. Your standard sniper starts out with 50 hp and 50 ap and it increases by 50 hp and ap each level. The fifth sniper (Havoc, Sakura) which is the highest level, both are equiped with Ramjets, and they both are stealth (cloak ablilty). Only one map; c&c_field. to avoid having a huge file.
Author: PerfectH
Filename: cncsniping1.3.zip  (3.78 MB)
Updated: 21 August 2003 - 18:46

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